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Assistant To Teacher Program


CFDC provides opportunities for dancers who think they may want to become a dance teacher in the future!


Assistants will earn valuable experience that will help prepare them for future employment as a dance educator at CFDC, should they wish to pursue that option after graduation.


This opportunity is open to dancers ages 8-18 who enjoy sharing their love of dance with other students.


Assistants play an intricate role in class; they must be able to commit to a weekly class for the entire season!

Assistants will:

  • Attend their assigned class weekly to assist the teacher.

  • Set a good example and have a positive attitude at the studio at all times.

  • Exhibit an eagerness to learn how we structure and teach classes at CFDC.

  • Be willing to learn the Showcase dance should the class need a leader on stage.

  • Assist their class at dress rehearsal and Showcase.

  • Learn how to teach various styles to different ages.

  • Learn organizational, planning and classroom management skills.

  • Learn how to navigate and manage different behavioral challenges in class.

  • Assistants age 16 & older may be called upon to start a class warm up if the teacher is running late and/or sub the class in the event of an emergency.

  • Upon successful completion of the program and graduation from high school, assistants may be offered employment at CFDC. 

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