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Tabata Vara


Tabata Vara founder of Totema Dance, based in Washington DC. She began her dance journey at the age of 18, training various dance forms. In 2022, Tabata earned a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from Towson University, where she received the Outstanding Achievement in Choreography Award under the mentorship of Alison Seidenstricker.

Tabata's artistic passion lies in creating immersive environments and narratives that transcend boundaries and explore diverse perspectives. Her works delve into the darker aspects of human existence, incorporating a captivating macabre element. Tabata's unique ability to intertwine beauty and the unsettling creates a mesmerizing and thought-provoking experience for audiences.

In addition to local and international showcases of her works, such as "Obruo'' and "When Tongues Collide,'' were presented in Nachmo DC 2021 and DC Summer Dance Showcase 2023. Tabata presented "Immolatio" at the Shipukunji Temple during The Attune Dance Festival in Kyoto, Japan 2023. Where she also led a creative movement workshop for children. 

Beyond her choreographic journey, Tabata's impact extends to the realm of education, where she passionately dedicates herself to mentoring youth and helping them unearth their true artistic voices. With a profound belief in the power of self-expression and authenticity, she draws from her experience to incorporate elements of choreographic composition into her technique classes. In doing so, she empowers her students not only to master dance forms but also to explore their individuality within the art. Her palpable commitment to nurturing the next generation of dancers is evident as she joyfully imparts her wisdom and expertise to eager minds, providing a safe space for aspiring dancers to flourish and discover their creative identities.

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