Force Dance Company



Hello and thank you for your interest in Force Dance Company! We have conveniently put together information of frequently asked questions for all new and existing team members. We will outline a lot of information in this packet. If you feel overwhelmed, please feel free to email us with any questions you may have! We promise it’s not as complicated as it may seem and you will feel more confident in the way our program runs as you move further into the dance season if you choose to compete with us. Again, don’t hesitate to email us, open communication is key!

Why choose Force Dance Company?

There are many benefits of being on a competitive team especially with CFDC! Force Dance Company provides a safe and positive environment for those who wish to focus more seriously on their dance technique and experience more performance opportunities. Not only are company members able to improve skills faster through additional classes and rehearsals, they learn how to be a positive team player and boost their self-confidence. FDC keeps dancers busy! Staying active in our program helps dancers become more focused, stay healthy and perform better in school. We think being a part of our team will help children prepare for their future while doing what they love most. 

What is the Force Dance Company Mission Statement?

It is our mission and goal to create a competition team that is not only competitive but also comprised of anyone who wishes to compete.  Our goal is for our team members to learn and grow as dancers with the hope that they will perform at a higher level each time they hit the stage, each performance should be better than the previous.  We strive to score high and place in the top ten, but also realize that the judging of artistic pieces is subjective and truly an opinion.  We are more concerned with creating a team that cares for one another and sticks together.  We are an all-inclusive studio not solely focused on winning trophies but on putting our best foot forward at all times.  Learning that you don’t always win and when you don’t you can do it with grace is also a valuable tool.  Additionally, we pride ourselves on picking costumes and music that is appropriate for dancers who are not adults. From studio to stage to the community we are a team.  We are a family.  Being recognized at many competitions for our teamwork, positive attitude and team spirit is something to be very proud of.  This is what matters the most at CFDC.

What is the commitment involved?

Let’s face it, any sport or activity on a competitive level involves commitment. Here at CFDC we are very supportive of school based activities and other activities/ life events that might interfere with being a part of Force Dance Company. To be on our team we ask the following of our dancers;

  • Weekly required classes 
  • Weekly rehearsals
  • Regionals 
  • Nationals (depending on team, see below)
  • Community Events
  • Summer classes (depending on team, see below)
  • Summer intensive (depending on team, see below)

What are the costs involved?

Being involved in a competitive sport or activity can be costly, no doubt about it, but we do our best to keep the costs of competing low. CFDC is always upfront with all costs! Competitions are paid for in advance; we provide a schedule at the beginning of every season outlining when each event will be billed and when each payment will be due. Auto billing is available and you may request a statement at any time to be sure your account is up to date. We have outlined the costs involved with being on Force Dance Company below;

  • Cost for weekly classes (monthly tuition). There is a 10% discount on three or more classes
  • Unlimited classes option. $390 for first dancer, $100 for additional sibling. (no other discounts are applied to the unlimited class option) 
  • Cost of group rehearsals ($65/month for the first three group dances, $5 each additional dance) this cost applies to Full Force Hip-Hop Force, Mini Force & Boys Hip-Hop Force members (please see team descriptions below)
  • Rehearsal fees for Solos, Duets & Trios is determined by the choreographer
  • There is a $10/hour studio fee for all solo, duet, trio and private lessons
  • Competitions charge their own entry fees and will vary from competition to competition (Average competitions fees for a group dance is $45/dancer, a duet/trio $75/dancer and a solo $100/dance). CFDC also charges a studio fee for each competition, $30/regional and $50/nationals 
  • Costs for costumes are typically higher than showcase costumes. We try to keep cost as reasonable as possible (Average competition costume $100 - $125)
  • Costs for costume accessories and rhinestone application is usually $50- $80/dancer (this cost is for all costumes used for the current dance season)
  • Costs for mandatory team jackets, performance wear and jewelry vary year to year. (Usually, dancers are able to reuse these items as long as there haven’t been changes out of our control)

What is it like to attend a competition? 

FDC directors and instructors pride ourselves on the positive, professional manner in which we conduct ourselves at all events, we expect our dancers to embrace and uphold this message. Dance competitions are a wonderful way for dancers to showcase their talents and teamwork throughout the year. Competitions are typically three days (Friday-Sunday), sometimes we are there all three days and sometimes we are there for one day. We suggest blocking out the entire weekend for each regional until the schedule is released. Days can be long, but we always find fun ways to pass the time. Dancers love to be with their teammates, supporting other dance teams and experiencing new and exciting places that they have never been to before. We attend a minimum of 3 “local” regionals, typically within a 45-minute drive or less from Severna Park. Other competition locations will vary, we have attended competitions in Virginia, DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware, etc. but we keep the travel to a minimum (typically within 2 hours of Severna Park). Below are some guideless we expect every team member to follow at these events;

  • Full Force and Hip-Hop Force will attend five regional competitions and 1 national competition
  • Mini Force and Boys Hip-Hop Force will attend five regional competitions (any minis in the Full Force production must attend nationals as well.)
  • We will offer one optional competition for solos, duets and trios (if scheduling permits.)
  • All dancers are required to arrive TWO HOURS prior to their scheduled stage time, dressed and ready to perform
  • All dancers will stand in fifth position when accepting any awards
  • Dancers will be supportive of other team members and dance teams
  • We expect positive attitudes toward team mates, teachers, directors and parents
  • Competitions are usually free to attend and all family members are welcome to attend
  • Schedules for a competition are usually released one week prior to the event

What attire is expected for a competition? 

In keeping with the message, we want to present to the world, we expect our team to be dressed appropriately at all competitions and events. At competitions our dancers will always be dressed appropriately! Dancers, family members and others should never be uncomfortable with costume/outfit choices while watching a dance. Below we have provided what dancers should bring/wear to competitions, and/or performances;  

  • Dancers are required to have a blue team jacket
  • Dancers are required to have a black performance sweatshirt
  • Dancers are required to have a performance t-shirt for warmer weather events
  • For all performances dancers are required to have black leggings with no writing or logos. Boys may have black sweatpants or joggers
  • Black athletic shoes are required for all community performances. Please no converse or Adidas superstars
  • At the beginning of each season, we will send out a make-up and jewelry order form for competitions. This will be a group order to help cut back on costs
  • Female dancers will wear fake eyelashes (Mini Force will only need mascara)
  • All female dancers will wear facial rhinestones
  • You may store your costumes, accessories and make-up any way that you wish. However, please remember that we cannot easily replace lost or ruined items, so we highly recommend storing them appropriately. Most dancers use garment bags and/or a rolling duffle bag along with some type of cosmetic bag for protection and organization
  • Our costumes are modest in the dance world, but sometimes we wear two-piece costumes We do not wear tights, but we are sure to double up on shorts to protect our dancers
  • Dancers must have pants, shirt and shoes on at all times, at all events
  • Hair must be up at awards

What do we expect from Force Dance Company members at competition? 

We love nothing more than watching our dancers do what they do best, DANCE! Seeing everyone’s hard work come to life on stage is so special and exciting. Smiles on faces, supportive backstage team huddles and handshakes, supporters cheering from the audience, there isn’t a better feeling! Here is what we expect from dancers at competitions;

  • Dancers must be dressed with hair and make-up finished 2 hours prior to scheduled stage time
  • Dancers must know all choreography
  • Dancers must be fully warmed up and stretched before each dance
  • Dancers should be running through dances before going on stage, when time permits
  • Dancers should take master classes at competitions and nationals, when offered
  • Dancers should participate in improv exercises, be willing to step out of their comfort zone
  • Dancers must be respectful of teachers, choreographers, studio directors, team mates, parents, competition staff and other dance studios at all times

What do we expect from Force Dance Company members at weekly rehearsals? 

Rehearsals… Where all the magic happens! We absolutely love rehearsals. It’s way more than just learning choreography. It’s where we become a team! Creating, learning, and just being with positive, happy people. What more could you ask for? Of course, we take rehearsals very seriously but in our CFDC way. We want all dances/dancers to be successful, so sometimes there may be more intense rehearsal days but its always positive and what is best for our dancers. Listed below are some guidelines we expect at rehearsals;

  • Dancers are expected to attend all rehearsals
  • If a dancer is going to miss rehearsal, please be sure to email or text Tammy, Chrissy and/or Jen 
  • Dancers must have a bun for all rehearsals
  • Dancers must dress appropriately in dance or athletic attire, no school/street clothes such as skirts, dresses, etc. are permitted
  • Dancers must have all dance shoes at all times
  • If a dancer misses a rehearsal, it is the dancer’s responsibility to make arrangements with another student and learn what they missed
  • Group rehearsals are usually held on Saturdays Minis are generally Friday evenings, depending on room and/or choreographer availability
  • Dancers are expected to be respectful to each choreographer
  • Dancers sometimes have breaks in their schedule, they are welcome to stay at the studio and wait for their next rehearsal. Breaks are usually a good time to have lunch or a snack
  • Don’t forget to bring snacks and water bottles

What do we expect from Force Dance Company members in weekly classes? 

We said earlier that rehearsal is where the all the magic happens… Well, technique classes are where it all begins! Classes are super important for every competitive dancer! In class dancers learn all their technique that will be applied in all choreography. Guidelines for what is expected in class is outlined below;

  • Attendance is very important! Dancers should only miss for illness or important events
  • Ballet and Strength & Stretch are extremely important!! Dancers need to make sure they are in ballet class and dressed appropriately each week 
  • If dancers miss class, they must make it up in an equivalent or lower-level class
  • If a dancer will miss class, we would like to be notified by emailing or texting Tammy, Chrissy and/or Jen 
  • We encourage dancers to take as many classes as they can. Exposing them to multiple styles of dance and teachers has many benefits

What community events does Force Dance Company participate in?

One of our most favorite things to do with our team is to take them out into the local community and perform! Each experience is unique and always an adventure. CFDC also provides their own in-house events that are super fun and exciting. See below for all the fun we do during our season;

  • Idance4aCure – Marathon to help in the fight to end childhood cancer
  • Spooktacular- CFDC in house Halloween celebration
  • Pasadena Thanksgiving Parade – All Family members welcome 
  • Severna Park Chamber of Commerce Trade Fair
  • Severna Park Chamber of Commerce Tree Lighting
  • Park Plaza Tree Lighting
  • CFDC Holiday Dance Party
  • Severna Chamber of Commerce Shop Local
  • CFDC End of Year Celebration
  • Picture Day
  • Showcase
  • Severna Park Chamber of Commerce 4th of July Parade – All Family members welcome
  • Any other performance opportunity we can attend

What should I expect at auditions and do I have to attend?

Unlike many auditions in the dance and entertainment world, ours are not held to determine whether or not you “make” the team, all dancers who wish to be a part of our team are welcome! We hold annual auditions to assess dancers strictly for class, dance and grouping placement. We will run through a warm up, stretching and a series of assessments via across the floor work, combinations from various instructors, etc. This is a stress free, positive experience for all, we promise!

All new and returning FDC members should plan to attend! Auditions will be held this year on Saturday June 26 (3-6 years old 11am-11:45am, 7-10 years old 12-1pm & 11 and up 1:30pm-3pm)

A few more details about Force Dance Company!

  • If an issue arises at a competition or any other CFDC event please see Tammy immediately
  • It is not guaranteed that all competition group pieces will be in the end of the year showcase
  • We will have a full-dress rehearsal before the first competition
  • We will have a professional team photoshoot in the fall
  • Posting video of choreography and/or photographs on any social media is allowed, but only after our first regional competition
  • FDC has a closed Facebook group for all current members
  • Be sure to like the CFDC Facebook page and follow us on Instagram
  • Be sure to sign up for the CFDC text alerts
  • Emails regarding the competition team will come from Tammy, Chrissy and/or Jen’s personal email accounts. Private lesson and solo, duo, trio emails can from the individual choreographers
  • It’s always a good idea to swap cell phone numbers with other team members and families
  • FDC members are encouraged to join the kid’s group chat that Chrissy moderates. It is a very positive and encouraging group chat. We try to keep the kids informed on things that are happening at the studio and more importantly at competitions/conventions

Force Dance Company Teams 2021-2022!

While we are really one big team, we offer several different team options in an effort to provide opportunity for all dancers who wish to compete! Below we have provided descriptions and the breakdown of each team in Force Dance Company. Class and team requirements for each team are as follows:

Full Force Members

The Full Force team is the ideal team for those dancers who wish to compete in multiple styles of dance. 

  • Ages 7-18 years old
  • 2 Ballet classes per week (1 must be ballet conditioning)
  • Strength & Stretch
  • Leaps & Turns
  • Jazz Technique (Musical Theater does not fulfill this requirement)
  • Contemporary (if dancer wishes to compete in any contemporary piece, lyrical does not fulfill this requirement)
  • Tap (if dancer wishes to compete in any tap piece)
  • Weekly Friday and/or Saturday Rehearsals
  • Required to be in three or more group dances
  • Required to participate in the “Production” dance
  • Required to attend all regionals, nationals and can participate in optional competitions
  • Required to attend summer intensive in August
  • Required to attend summer classes

Hip-Hop Force Members

The Hip-Hop Force is perfect for dancers who wish to only focus on hip-hop technique.

  • Ages 7-18 years old
  • Hip Hop Technique Class
  • Jazz Technique Class
  • Strength & Stretch
  • Weekly Friday and/or Saturday Rehearsals
  • Required to be in two or more group dances
  • Required to participate in the “Production” dance
  • Required to attend all regionals, nationals and can participate in optional competitions
  • Required to attend summer intensive in August
  • Required to attend summer classes

Boys Hip Hop Force Members

The Boys Hip-Hop Force is perfect for male dancers who wish to only focus on hip-hop technique.

  • Ages 6-14 years old (need 4 or more boys to make a group)
  • Hip Hop Technique Class
  • Will have at least 1 group dance and the required production dance
  • Required to attend regional and national competitions
  • Weekly Friday and/or Saturday Rehearsals
  • We strongly encourage summer class, though it’s not required

Mini Force Members

The Mini Force is perfect for our younger dancers, who are just beginning their competitive team journey. 

  • Ages 3-6
  • Required to take Strength & Stretch/Jazz Class: recommended to also take Ballet Conditioning/Acro
  • Will have at least 1 group dance
  • Required to attend all regional competitions
  • Required to attend summer classes

We hope you found this packet informative and helpful in learning what Force Dance Company is all about! We hope you and your dancer choose to be a part of our wonderful team. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us if we can provide more information or answer any questions you may have!

Ready to join our award-winning team? Check out our calendar section of our website for audition dates!