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Benefits of Transitional Classes

transitional classes

When you think outside of the box, you can come up with unique ideas. Here at CFDC, we pride ourselves in our class offerings, especially our combination classes or as we call them, transitional force classes. Combination classes mean that two styles are offered weekly, during a one-hour timeframe. While we offer the standard ballet and tap combo for our 4–5-year-old dancers, who’s to say that, as they grow through our program, they would have to focus on one style of dance only.

As our business grew, we knew we could expand upon the idea of a combination class. So, we created our transitional force class option offered to 5–9-year-olds. We knew that dancers in that age range were not ready to choose just one, one hour class focused on a single style. While we do have that option available (if they think that ballet is their favorite), we knew kids and families wanted more.

Some families who maintain a busy lifestyle can only allow their child to participate in one activity. Combining popular styles of dance only confirmed to us that kids want to do everything. Our most popular transitional class is a hip hop and acro class. This consists of 30 minutes of hip hop technique and 30 minutes on acro technique. Dancers were thriving, learning about two disciplines at once, and demonstrating what they had learned at the end of the year showcase. Our instructors were able to combine the styles into choreography, to showcase what the class accomplished all year long. It has been a huge success!

We now have over 18 transitional classes offered in a variety of styles. Being able to give students and families the ability to take two styles of dance in a one-hour timeframe is super convenient. As dancers aged, they were able to try new styles and really figure out what style of dance they may want to focus on as the grew out of our transitional force class age range.

If you're interested in experiencing one of our Transitional Classes, contact us today for more information!


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