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Why Choose Competitive Dance

We have all witnessed reality tv and competitive dance. The coach who is mean and always yelling and screaming at their dancers.  Or the parents verbally or physically arguing with each other. One cannot help but wonder, is that what the competitive dance world is really about? If so, why would anyone choose it? While there is no doubt that those kinds of teams exist, most do not fit that example.

Competitive dance began in the beginning of the twentieth century. When French dancer and choreographer Camille de Rhynal and a group of dancers started converting ballrooms into venues for dance contests. The first American dance competition was Showstoppers.  It was founded in 1978 and is still in existence to this day.

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The world of dance competitions has changed and grown since that time. What started as everyone competing against one another, with only one winner has now evolved to multiple winners across multiple different categories. Now there are multiple levels of competition as well as age divisions.

When creating our team, we wanted to make sure our mission and purpose was clear and how different it is from other studios in our area.  Our mission statement is as follows:

It is our mission and goal to create a competition team that is not only competitive but also comprised of anyone who wishes to compete. Our goal is for our team members to learn and grow as dancers with the hope that they will perform at a higher level each time they hit the stage, each performance should be better than the previous. We strive to score high and place in the top ten, but also realize that the judging of artistic pieces is subjective and truly an opinion. We are more concerned with creating a team that cares for one another and sticks together. We are an all-inclusive studio not solely focused on winning trophies but on putting our best foot forward at all times. Learning that you don’t always win and when you don’t you can do it with grace is also a valuable tool. Additionally, we pride ourselves on picking costumes and music that is appropriate for dancers who are not adults. From studio to stage to the community we are a team. We are a family. Being recognized at many competitions for our teamwork, positive attitude and team spirit is something to be very proud of. This is what matters the most at CFDC.

We value all the amazing benefits of being a competitive dancer and strive to have a nurturing environment. Students learn to commit to something beyond themselves. Being on a team means that others are counting on them. Learning to work together towards a common goal.

The bonds that teammates have can last a lifetime. Many years spent in the studio together, applauding each other as they learn new skills. Rejoicing when doing well and consoling each other when things don’t work out as planned.

Benefits of being a competitive dancer go beyond the studio. Dancers can use their competitive dance journey to help get scholarships to college or placement on a dance team. They could even have a career in dance in the future. The possibilities are endless.

Many of our competitive dance team members have gone on and become highly successful in their adult lives. Many go to college for dance or have joined their college dance team that won at college dance nationals. Some are teaching dance classes or running a dance program. Being on a competitive team has also helped our team members get accepted to medical school, become an accountant and countless other things. All while utilizing their experiences from being a member of a competitive dance team.

Competitive dance offers so many wonderful opportunities. In the right environment, dancers can learn and grow to their highest potential. Giving them a safe space to express themselves.


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