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Dancers Giving Back. Fall Showcase 2023

It is that time of year again, a change in season. Leaves on the trees are beginning to change to the beautiful colors of Autumn, falling and preparing for a new season ahead. We say so long to the easy living of Summer and head into the next phase of our ever-changing lives.

Fall is a time for pumpkins and apples. Cooler air and long walks outside. A time for jeans, joggers and sweatshirts. And cheering on your favorite football team! That feeling of change only comes with each new season we experience. It is a time we remind ourselves to be grateful for all that we have.

Webster’s Dictionary defines gratitude as the “state of being grateful: thankfulness.” At times it can be hard to remember all there is to be grateful for; when times are tough. Especially, if there are financial or medical struggles stealing your joy.

One of the ways to find joy, when struggling is through service. Words cannot express the positive feelings received when helping someone else. Whether that be through monetary contributions, donation of your time or rallying others to help when needed.

For us, at Creative Force Dance Center we have decided to create a fall dance showcase that will be focused on gratitude. Music and dancing will be built around fall vibes and thankfulness. Our show will also provide young dancers an additional opportunity to perform on stage and share their love of dance.

The studio will choose a charity every year that will receive the majority of the money we make from the showcase and other activities associated with our event. Those other activities are to include fundraisers, ticket sales and donations.

The chosen charity and our overall community will benefit from our showcase. It will give dancers an opportunity to showcase themselves to their friends and family while also helping out others. For families and friends, it is an easy way to give back to their community while enjoying their loved one’s activity.


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