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What is a ‘pre-school alternative’ and why should I choose it for my child?

We all know the countless benefits of both pre-school, fine arts programs, and exercise for our young children. Research shows that children who attend a quality early learning program prior to transitioning to kindergarten may have higher math and reading skills and behave better in class as they have benefitted from this opportunity to learn and grow in a loving, nurturing setting. They have been given the chance to discover a sense of independence and gain valuable social skills by learning to navigate relationships with their instructors and their peers. Children thrive in active, engaging environments that provide opportunities to flourish during this critical developmental time in their lives. This builds confidence and boosts social, emotional, and cognitive growth. Students will head into Elementary school empowered and ready to embrace new adventures in learning. Exposure to art and music provide many benefits to the developing brain and those who regularly engage in physical activity have improved cardiovascular health, balance, and coordination.

We have decided to combine the best of both worlds in our brand new Discovery Day program, offering families a pre-school alternative where students will benefit from a structured early education curriculum while also exploring dance, music and art. Children are eager to learn, curious by nature and ready to dive into new experiences. Our goal is to help develop the whole child by creating a place for them to explore new ideas, activities, and experiences.

Our unique program will help prepare children for school by providing a strong academic foundation through thoughtfully planned monthly themes and daily lessons. Our class size is limited, allowing us the opportunity to meet each student on an individual level, discovering and teaching to their learning style, so that they can reach their highest potential. Exciting themes will spark imagination and inspire creativity. Students will develop fine motor skills through writing activities, art projects, puzzles and more. Cognitive growth will be boosted through reading, languages, math, and science, as well as play and self-exploration games and activities.

Children will also reap the cognitive and physical benefits of a carefully crafted fine arts program incorporating yoga, creative movement, dance, music, art and drama through both guided activities and free exploration. Dance and yoga help improve focus, boost fine and gross motor skills, build strength and flexibility, and reduce stress and anxiety. The physical benefits of dance and yoga are countless, studies show that children who participate in physical exercise from a young age are more likely to carry healthy habits into adolescence. The University of Southern California’s Brain and Creativity Institute found that musical experiences in childhood can accelerate brain development. Students will be exposed to different styles of music and have their own set of musical instruments in their personal prop kits for daily activities. Art and instrument play builds hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Dramatic play allows students to explore new situations, boosts language development and encourages creative self-expression. Playing is learning.

Attending a weekly program with peers helps nurture the social emotional wellness of children by teaching them to understand and work through their feelings. Communication and language skills are enhanced when children engage in activities with others. They learn how to negotiate and compromise with other children and how to follow directions from authority figures outside of their typical social circle. They learn to share and take turns, to embrace others from different communities and to effectively manage feelings that can arise.

We are passionate about helping children grow into the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves and are committed to fostering a love of learning. The Discovery Day Program will boost academic readiness by providing students with the tools to be confident learners, improve social readiness by equipping them with the skills to be expressive and self-aware and nourish the physical well-being of each student who attends. Learn more about the Discovery Day Program here!


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